As Momentum Merseyside, we are a collective brimming with hope and enthusiasm for the future.


We are Momentum Merseyside! We are Labour Party members and supporters dedicated to fighting austerity, for social change, and for a more democratic Party.


Momentum has developed out of Jeremy Corbyn's successful campaign for leadership of the Labour Party. We aim to encourage participation and debate in the Labour Party.


You don't have to be a Labour Party member to be involved in Momentum - although we encourage everyone to get involved in the party.


If you are interested in being a speaker for Merseyside Momentum and would like your name listed on this page then please fill out the registration form by clicking here.

Paul Davies

About: Currently vice chair of (suspended) Wallasey CLP. Previously (1980s and 90s) Chair of wirral District Labour Party, Wirral TUC and Merseyside Unemployed Centres network , secretary of Merseyside TUC and selection challenger Frank Field. Then suspended from Labour Party so concentrated on TU activity until rejoined Labour 2 years ago. Founder member of Unite Organising Department and now Retired National Union Official. 65 years old.

Topics: Any you like but favour Organising, winning over Tory working class voters, Nuclear Weapons, Trade Union reforms and Democracy in the Party.

Willing to travel to: Prefer Merseyside but can travel.


Felicity Dowling

About: Long term campaigner. One of the 47 surcharged councillors from 1980s.

Topics: Save Liverpool Women's Hospital, Women's Rights/Feminism, Ending capitalism, Housing.


Defend Our NHS

About: Local and national NHS issues.

Topics: Cuts, closures, privatisation, 'sustainability and transformation plans'.

Willing to travel to: Depends on which individual in the team (who all live in Merseyside) is available.



About: Wirral Momentum's plan for adequate public services & resources.

Topics: Effective public services & democratic local planning; fighting cuts, austerity & privatization.

Willing to travel to: All locations considered.



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