Wirral Needs

Aiming to build a positive campaign for the services which Wirral people need, in the face of increasingly devastating cuts.

Brand new and updated for 2017-18.


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The Wirral Needs Petition is to be presented to Wirral Council before its Annual Budget Meeting (March 2018). We call on Wirral Council to:

Actively oppose all privatisation and cuts by the Tory-led Government to public service funding, including Wirral Council and the NHS.

Campaign for the resources and services which Wirral people really need for good standards of living and which protect the most vulnerable Wirral residents.

Ensure that the public knows that cuts to local services are imposed by the Tory-led coalition Government and are opposed by the Labour-led Wirral Council.

Work with other local authorities to organise an effective mass campaign against the cuts and privatisation, fighting for the services which people need, extending regionally and nationally.

The Wirral Neeeds Plan

Reasons for Signing

“The Wirral has severe Areas of poverty and therefore their needs are greater therefore cuts to Nhs would mean for those in most need would have to suffer. There would be longer wAits for treatment, operations and to be seen by specialist causing even further deterioration of those awaiting treatment. No more cuts in the Wirral.”

June Travis Birkenhead, United Kingdom

“Because the alternative is the destruction of our society.”

John Murphy Birkenhead, United Kingdom

“We all need NHS, not a USA style health service ,where people go bankrupt when a family member gets cancer. Privatisation costs much more after a honeymoon period during which private companies behave decently. How many Wirral citizens cannot afford to pay for water now? Do not sell off all Wirral's assets.”

Corrie Lowry Wallasey, United Kingdom

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